Shipping Questions Answered

Every business is different but shopping with smaller businesses is especially different because they don't have the same resources as the larger companies. This page is to help answer the most common questions so you feel comfortable before placing your order. 

Question: Where's my tracking number?

Answer: Emails with tracking information is sent out once a order is ready to be shipped. You will receive a conformation of your purchase by email after you place your order. Allow 15 to 20 business days for a tracking email.


Question: How long does it take for an order to ship?

Answer: The shipping time frame for ALL orders is 15 to 20 Business days. Items that are already at our CT wear house will ship out in 3 to 7 business days. When placing an order have the expectation that your order will arrive in between 15 to 20 business days.


Question: Can it take longer than 20 business days for an order to ship?

Answer: Yes it can. We sometimes experience delays in shipping especially since the start of Covid-19. There are also production delays and item defects which will cause us to reorder the item creating a delay. If we are going to experience an extreme delay on your order we will reach out via phone.  You can also stay uped via the Order Arrvial Estimate Page.


Question: What does PRE-ORDER mean?

Answer: Pre-Order means the item is located at our over seas ware house and needs to be shipped to our CT ware house to ship out to you the customer. If your item is PRE-ORDER you will receive a email stating that. We are currently working to fully stock ALL our items at the CT ware house for faster shipping times.


Question: What does 15 to 20 business days look like like? 

Answer: Business days DO NOT include weekends or holidays. As a small business I am unable to receive shipments from carriers on the weekends and holidays therefore causing a longer delivery time. We are working to reduce this time frame by fully stocking our CT ware house over the course of 2022.