Josselnco Monthly Update

We are delighted to bring you the Jossel&Co newsletter for September 2020. This issue includes Frequently Asked Questions from customers and a release of our trending products.


Josselnco is a small family run business and we feel that every customer counts! We aim to provide the best customer service and communication. We believe that staying informed with whats happening with Josselnco is very important, so please read until the end.

We would like to start by saying Thank You! Your patience during this pandemic has been amazing and truly appreciated. Although the wait times were beyond our normal promised time you still continued to support us.


Customers who placed orders placed between Feburary 1st and August 17th experienced extremely longer wait times on orders due to shipping delays out side of our control. I apologize for the long wait times but shipping logistics have improved! We have also partnered with new suppliers for better service and overall improved customer experience.

What is normal shipping?

All business shipping times are different, Josselnco Normal shipping time-frame is 15 to 20 business days. This means that when you place a order in my store you should expect delivery of your purchase anywhere between 15 to 20 BUSINESS DAYS from the date of purchase*. Weekend and Holidays are not included in this count.

*making a change to an order can result in a longer wait time.

What if I use FOUR or Sezzel is the wait time the same?

If you decide to use Sezzel or FOUR payment arrangements, delivery of your items will still be 15 to 20 business days, weekend and holidays not included. Please keep in mind that FOUR and Sezzle are independent companies that process your payments. Josselnco does not have access to your information and we are unable to make changes on your accounts.


Once a order has been placed customers have 5 days to cancel the order without fees. Once 5 business days have passed cancellations are subject to fees. Once an order is delivered EXCHANGES are processed NOT returns.

What to expect going forward?

As we continue to get the last of the back orders out, we are maintaining a better shipping time-frame for future and current orders.


If you ever have any question about a item or shipping time-frames please message us in the chat area on the homepage of Josselnco. If we don't respond or are away leave your email. If you call our business line and we don't answer please leave a message. We will try to return all calls and emails.

Thank you for reading this September Update and hope you enjoyed the read!


Best Regards,

The Jossel&Co Team