Josselnco affected by COVID-19

 As a small business owner I am closely monitoring the impact of COVID-19. My business has been effected so I would like to start off by thanking all of my customers for their continued support and patience. January into February brought a slow down of merchandise from my Overseas wear-house and now with the virus spreading more of my suppliers are being effected. I expect that shipments will continue to come in slowly for the next 4 weeks.


I try to maintain good communication with all my customers that contact me in regards to their orders and with the start of self quarantine I’ve noticed an increase in emails so I wanted to address all my customers in this statement.


Late Deliveries

My standard shipping timeframe is 15 to 20 Business days but with the outbreak shipping has slowed down. This slow down has lead to late deliveries. I try to get orders out as fast as possible but when an order arrives to me late it’s outside of my control. Please understand that as a small business I don’t have the same resources as larger stores, but I will always give great customer service. If your order will be delayed more than 30 business days (10 days pass normal shipping time) I will contact you to see if you want to continue to wait or would like a store credit.



When an order is placed in my store I immediately order the item from my various vendors or wear-house. I’m unable to process any cancellations that are pass 5 days from your order date. If there is an issue and you do not want to wait for your order please contact me by phone 203-864-9009 or by email *. Please DO NOT open claims on Paypal without contacting me first, if I’m able to process a refund open claims with PayPal slows the process. Normal refund process time is 3 to 7 business days but because of the extenuating circumstances refunds from cancellations can take longer.


Once again I would like to thank EVERYONE for your patience and understanding as I learn to navigate this unprecedented world wide event. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


*restock fees may apply

Best Regards

Joshalyn - owner